2019 Mermaid Holiday

Mermaid Photography Retreat (9th - 16th June 2019)

As an addition to this year’s FreediveUK’s mermaid training week in southern Spain, I am thrilled to be offering a photographic package not to be missed.

For the first time ever I will be shooting location images above water as well as underwater in the turquoise Mediterranean sea and the deep pool we have at mermaid HQ.

Within the course, you will quickly learn to hold your breath for longer than you ever thought possible, seemlessly glide through the sea using a mermaid’s tail, hover in mid water and hold a pose with your eyes open. And I will be there to capture it!

Throughout the week I will be taking candid shots and video which will be added to the package, so you have even more memories of the holiday.

It doesn’t stop there!! Also included in your package is the opportunity to take other genres of photography in or out of the water. If you are a seasoned model or looking for your next profile picture then please let me know – let’s get your shot. Let’s make use of the famous evening light.

And there’s more!!! Not only will you receive a great number of images from your week’s adventure you can be sure they will be safely archived incase for any reason you loose them in the future.

You can have all this for only £195!

>>>>>>More Details on the Trip here<<<<<<

2019 Mermaid Holiday photography package – £195:

Once I receive the funds, I will email you to confirm.

At the end of the trip you will receive a link to download all your high resolution images from the week. During your stay you can view the images as they are transferred to my laptop, this is a great way to share ideas and improve on the next days shoot.  

The next step is to start thinking of anything you would like to achieve, Please feel free to bring any jewellery or props you would like to personalise your pictures. Remember they may need to be weighted and suitable for a chlorinated pool. Check out our blog for 10 top tips for looking great underwater!

Terms and conditions.

  • Advance payment is required to guarantee this package price.
  • You will only receive images/video of which you are in.