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Preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot

Preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot

Preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot

To help me get the best possible photograph of your beautiful new baby and to help in preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot, I have written this guide to maximise the experience for you. A lot of this is common sense but hopefully, I will give you a few ideas that will make your session exceptionally fun. Often the majority of families wanting underwater baby photographs have been on a swimming program and have practised submerging their child, using cues such as 1, 2, 3 blow etc. If this is you, fantastic! We also have families who missed their sessions for a variety of reasons, want another one for their sibling, found our pricing very reasonable or simply their swim school don’t offer this service. Either way, I am delighted you have chosen to have a session with me. I am a father of 2 young mermaids and an underwater photographer for one of the nation’s biggest swim schools for babies.

We all know a happy baby is going to be easier to work with than a not so happy baby. So I kindly ask that prior to the shoot baby has eaten is well rested (if possible!). Please bring a swim nappy and a small waterproof toy to distract them. If your baby is on board, we may get a chance to accessorise with some fancy dress, (Santa hats, angel wings, tutus etc.. think Christmas cards!)

Please Bring

  1. A small snack
  2. A drink for your baby
  3. A swim nappy
  4. A small waterproof toy
  5. Fancy dress if you like

Once we have achieved the perfect underwater baby photograph, I always encourage a group shot. It’s near impossible to get all eyes open, legs and arms in place but it’s always a fun challenge!

What to expect before your underwater photoshoot

I will send out an email 3-4 days before your shoot confirming location and times. At this point, I will also ask for any outstanding payment to be paid in full. 

On arrival, I’ll be there to welcome you. Take your time getting ready whilst I finish setting up the custom underwater studio. It is warm, however it is important to keep wrapped up before entering the pool. I will invite you in once everything is ready, to maximise your baby’s time in the water. Once in the pool, I will introduce your little one to my camera and me in my mask. Ideally, we need 2 adults in the pool – one will be the dipper and the other will stand behind me with a toy to help keep baby’s attention (we can still manage with 1 adult too). We will aim for at least 3 dips, followed by any sibling or family shots. 

I hope you find this guide helpful and of course I will walk you through the whole process on the day. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch and I’ll help you as soon as I can. You can read more on your baby’s ability to submerge underwater here.

After the shoot

I will email you within 10 days with a link to download all your photographs. It is then over to you to choose your favourites and get a lovely print to display in your home.