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My Cornish Waterbaby

I never thought I’d be lighting up my local swimming pools and taking underwater baby photographs down here in the West country. I have always been passionate about the water, whether on top, next to or under. I have been fortunate enough to visit many exotic places on various surfing and diving trips. When the surf was flat I […]

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid? Well now you can!

This year we are very excited to be working with real mermaids! Yes that’s right, Mermaids! Most of the work we have done to date is with young families underwater and now we will be linking up with FreediveUK, our local freediving company, to capture images of trainee mermaids who will have gone through vigorous training to safely hold […]

Preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot

To help me get the best possible photograph of your beautiful new baby and to help in preparing for your underwater baby photoshoot, I have written this guide to maximise the experience for you. A lot of this is common sense but hopefully, I will give you a few ideas that will make your session […]